Outdoor Wood Pallet and Corn Furnace  
The Maxim is beneficial for the environment because burning wood pellets or shelled corn is natural. Both are totally renewable resources and, when burned, result in no net increases in carbon dioxide. On the other hand, fossil fuels when burned release carbon dioxide which would otherwise be trapped in the earth. The burning of fossil fuels causes a net increase in carbon dioxide which is believed to be responsible for the heat-trapping greenhouse effect.

In addition to the clean-burning characteristics, burning shelled corn further benefits the environment because it is typically grown locally and requires less energy to harvest and transport than fossil fuels. The small amount of ash left over from burning shelled corn in the Maxim can even be used to fertilize garden areas.

Wood pellets are environmentally friendly not only because of their clean-burning characteristics, but also because they are typically made from materials generated in saw mills or furniture manufacturing factories that were once discarded in landfills or left to rot on the forest floor.

The Maxim can be located up to 500 feet away from the home or building being heated.
The Maxim is designed to work with any existing heating system. A heat exchanger or direct circulation conveys the heat into a forced-air furnace, radiant baseboard, or radiant floor heating system. This gives you normal thermostatic temperature control.
The Maxim can provide heat for all your domestic hot water by adding a water-to-water heat exchanger.
In addition to heating an entire home or building, the same Maxim unit can also heat other buildings such as a garage, workshop, shed, greenhouse or barn. It can even heat a swimming pool or hot tub.
How it works

  Heated water from the Maxim is pumped to the home or building through insulated, underground ThermoPEX piping - the most efficient way to move heat over distances.

- Heats for days on a single loading.
-   Automatic Power Ignition.
-   Low Maintenace.
-   Environmentally friendly.
-   Eliminates mess from inside home.
-   Burns corn or wood pellets.
-   Safe, non-pressurized.
-   Up to 80% Plus Efficient*.
-   Heats pools, hot tubs and domestic hot water.
-   Heats Multiple Buildings.
- Heat output – Self modulating.
-   Insulated access door.
-   Sprayed-on urethane foam insulation.
-   Durable weatherproof powder-coated finish.
-   Large burn chamber.
-   High-Heat transfer system with 8 tubes for maximum heat conversion.
-   New-Technology rotating aerator for the most complete combustion.
-   Fully adjustable Fire StarTM electronic controller.
-   Large integrated (247 Litre) hopper.
*Efficiency is dependent on fuel quality and furnace settings.

(Outdoor Wood Pellet and Corn Furnace.)

Heat Transfer Area
  3,38 m2
  544 kg
Water Capacity   409 litre
Integrated hopper   247 litre
Max. output   50 kW

- Optional freestanding 1515 Litre hex hopper to heat for weeks on a single loading.
Larger external bin –
allowing the furnace to heat for months
on a single loading.
43 Bushel Hex Hopper -
allows user to access fuel supply with
Optional Transfer Auger.
Fully adjustable electronic
controller with automatic
power ignition
Interior view of rear access area shown
with one pump (sold separately)
View inside the firebox
Interior view of hopper shown
with door open
Maxim Cutaway View (click for a hi-resolution image)

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