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Take Action and Support Responsible Outdoor Furnace Use

Outdoor wood furnace manufacturers are working with local and state policy makers to support ordinances that prevent and/or correct outdoor wood furnace misuse – including burning anything other than the manufacturer's listed fuels and operating with too short of a chimney – to encourage cleaner outdoor wood furnaces and to implement Best Burn Practices.

When communities don’t have complete and accurate information, they can conclude that an outdoor wood furnace ban is their only solution. When presented with all of the facts, municipalities most often recognize that outdoor wood furnaces, when used properly, provide a safe, cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative for home heating. With this understanding, the most effective regulations deal with proper siting, chimney height and use of outdoor wood furnaces.


Banning outdoor wood furnaces sets a precedent for banning indoor wood stoves and fireplaces.

It is in the best interest of Americans who want to heat with an outdoor wood furnace – which provides safe, clean, renewable energy – to make sure they are used properly. When properly sited and operated, outdoor furnaces are an economical, environmentally responsible heating alternative.
Community members, elected leaders, and outdoor furnace users, dealers and distributors should encourage outdoor furnace users to implement Best Burn Practices. This can be done by:
- Implementing a Best Practice Local Ordinance.

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